New Technical Graduates

It's good not to be the cleverest person in the building, and to have to stretch yourself - Tom

Contribute from day 1

You will join OpenMarket straight into a project team, and in your first week you will be writing code and contributing to your project. You can expect to see your first code go live within days or weeks of starting work. And because we deploy frequently, you never have to wait long to see your work in action.

Support from day 1

But we don't just throw you in at the deep end without help. You will have a buddy in your team, in a similar role, who is there to guide you through the first few weeks. Your buddy is your first point of contact for any question, however big or small.

As well as your team, the wider technical team has a wealth of expertise on every subject you might need. We're all willing to help so you always have an expert on hand when you need one.

Will and Adam
People are really interested in the technical side of things, in making things work well, and they're open to ideas. - Jon

Your manager is a geek

Most of our technical team managers started life as coders - all the way up to the top. Our VP of Delivery and Operations still finds time for hands-on coding and maintains a number of tools.

That means that your manager, and their manager, know where you're coming from when you ask for time to refactor or streamline your product. They understand the need for maintainable code and the impact of cutting corners. They've been there.

Settling in

Joining a new company can be overwhelming, with a new way of doing things and so many new faces to learn. We like to think we are a friendly and sociable company and there's always something going on to help you get to know your colleagues.

From informal trips to the pub and games nights to company-sponsored social events, there are plenty of opportunities to get to know us. And we genuinely believe this helps us work better too. When you know everyone in the office, working together is a breeze.

Personal development

We learn new technical skills and practice coding with regular seminars and code dojos run internally. We also attend training courses and conferences when needed.

As you grow your career can take the direction you want. Some people take on a client-facing role alongside development. Some progress to team lead. And some of our most senior techies are individual contributors with no management or team lead responsibility. Either path is open to you. How refreshing.